Comfortable apartments on the Black Sea coast and a unique infrastructure of the complex are the dream of many that we have realized.
First line
The rc «AL MARE» is being built in 100 meters from the central boulevard of the city and Black Sea beach.
Wide choice
270 apartments ranging from 23,6 sq.m. to 112,6 sq.m. with an opportunity to combine several apartments into one.
Affordable prices
In the «AL MARE» the price per square meter is from 630$ and depends on the apartment’s location and floor.
24/7 servicing
Reception, landscaped residence territory, own two-level underground parking for 85 places, video surveillance, territory cleaning.
Fitness studio, SPA zone, swimming pool, conference room for business meetings, electric car rental service, restaurant.
Stable income
Management company services that is involved in apartments rental process, property safety control.


The residential complex «AL MARE» is located in close proximity to Batumi Boulevard and the beaches along Zgvispiri 4.


Examples of apartments layouts in the residential complex «AL MARE»
  • Studio apartments 23,6m2
    Studio apartments 23,6m

  • Studio apartments 30,9m2
    Studio apartments 30,9m

  • One-room apartments 31,4m2
    One-room apartments 31,4m

  • One-room apartments 37,1m2
    One-room apartments 37,1m

  • One-room apartments 42,3m2
    One-room apartments 42,3m

  • Two-room apartments 42,9m2
    Two-room apartments 42,9m

  • Two-room apartments 43,7m2
    Two-room apartments 43,7m

  • Two-room apartments 44,1m2
    Two-room apartments 44,1m

  • Two-room apartments 47,8m2
    Two-room apartments 47,8m

  • Two-room apartments 48,5m2
    Two-room apartments 48,5m

  • Two-room apartments 51,3m2
    Two-room apartments 51,3m

  • Two-room apartments 60,4m2
    Two-room apartments 60,4m

  • Three-room apartments 56,1m2
    Three-room apartments 56,1m

  • Three-room apartments 56,5m2
    Three-room apartments 56,5m

  • Three-room apartments 56,8m2
    Three-room apartments 56,8m

  • Three-room apartments 62,3m2
    Three-room apartments 62,3m

  • Three-room apartments 67,3m2
    Three-room apartments 67,3m

  • Four-room apartments 96,2m2
    Four-room apartments 96,2m

  • Four-room apartments 112,6m2
    Four-room apartments 112,6m

Characteristics «ALMARE»

Building construction: reinforced concrete monolith
Overlaps: monolithic in a single frame scheme
Roofing: flat with internal drainage
Number of floors in building: 15 residential floors
Number of residential flats: 270 apartments
Area of apartments: from 23,6m2 to 112,6m2
Typical floor height: 3,2 m (from floor to floor)
Entrances: Two, Number of elevators: Four
Own two-level parking: 85 places
Start of construction: March 3, 2019
Commissioning: September 2021

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Cost of apartments

In the residential complex «AL MARE» prices per square meter are from $630 and vary depending on the apartment’s location and floor. The most inexpensive apartment left costs $17000. Apartments are being sold in a white frame, all communications and counters are installed in apartment. Our managers will help you to choose an appropriate apartment and tell how to buy flats online.

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Loan and installment

The developer company «MIDTOWNGROUP» is in partnership with TBC bank of Georgia, that is why for our clients TBC bank proposes a simplified system for issuance of mortgages for the purchase of real estate. To get a loan you only need to have a passport and purchase agreement from our company. For Georgian citizens the loan is available for 10 years, for foreign citizens – 5 years. The company also has an internal interest-free installment for 24 months.

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Floor PLANNING OF APARTMENTS of the residential complex «AL MARE»

To view available apartments, their layouts and location on the floor, click on the floor you are interested in.

〈 When hovering the cursor over any floor, you will see the floor number and the number of remaining apartments for sale on your chosen floor. By clicking on the floor you have chosen, you can see the detailed floor plan. On detailed floor plans, green color indicates the remaining apartments for sale, apartments that are already sold are marked in orange. Choosing any of the available apartments, you can see its detailed layout with a full description of the technical characteristics and dimensions. 〉


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Construction progress of «AL MARE»

At the moment the construction of the 11th floor of the residential complex «AL MARE» is underway. The company’s employees have already begun construction work with the permission of the Government of Georgia. We have already started the construction of the complex’s twelfth floor. To view the construction process in real time, click the “Online camera” button.
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Cost of apartments

In the residential complex «AL MARE» the price per square meter is from $600 and changes depending on the apartment’s location and floor.
No downpayment
$300 / month
  • 30% downpayment
  • Installments for 24 months
  • Equal parts
  • From $300 per month
$630 / per sq/m
  • 100% payment
  • + Discount and gift
  • + Clearance transaction
  • + Housewarming Help
Loan from TBC
$300 / month
  • 0% downpayment
  • Loan for 5-10 years
  • Mortgage from TBC bank
  • From $300 per month

We are waiting for you every day!

We follow all the established rules to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus! We are waiting for you everyday, except Sundays, from 10.00 to 18.00. Our main office is located in Georgia, Batumi, Zgvispiri st, 4

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